Saturday, February 28, 2009


I forget when was the date i captured all of these photos already..
But luckily i still remember the venues..
  • venue 1 - 文昌驰名海南鸡饭

a complete set of chicken rice

compete among themselves to win the title of the most can eat person!

the bottle filled with dense sauce just look like a penguin, right?

The cafe was located at citra street in the georgetown, penang. If i am not mistaken, we go there purposely just for having our lunch. There were 3 more fellows that forced to join this trip - Loong, Raymond and Steven.

I don't think i have to describe how was the surroundings looks like? Was the waiter handsome? Or were there any babes? Such of this kind of questions are totally meaningless..
Cause, the main priority to make me appeared at there is the damn damn damn delicious chicken rice with an affordable price!

I was damn impressed with the chicken that had caught my eye sight on the spot! Cause i was ordered a plate of 白斩鸡 meanwhile all of them ordered the 烧鸡. There was no way for me to negate the delicacy of the chicken! I totally attracted by its fairer skin and that's why I ate extra 1 bowl of oily rice tim!

In my opinion, i think that the supporting roles should not be ignored cause they did increase the delicacy of the chicken rice.
  1. 青葱 shallot - served on top of the chicken/rice to increase the fragance and hue
  2. 西芹 ? -also served on top of the chicken/rice to get rid of the raw smell
  3. 蒜泥辣椒酱 chili sauce embedded with mashed garlic - a sauce to dip with the chicken, some people like to stir it in the rice, but i dislike it! the 'fragrance' will last after eating longer inside my mouth
  4. 例汤 soup of the day - there are several types of soup that used to be attached with the chicken rice when served such as 咸菜尾汤、西洋菜汤、白萝卜汤
  • venue 2 - 姓氏桥附近的流动式糖水埔

they prepare the food and beverage in the small lorry~

cendol with a cock~



Actually it's nothing special to be mentioned about that place..

I ordered a bowl of cendol that served in a classical bowl that used to be a cock icon there (i bet u all sure have it in the kitchen lastime)

And then i heard my friend said the booth was actually popular with its self created tong shui that called 爱玉冰.

From what u all can see from the picture, its just a bowl of sourly/sweetly iced tong shui with jelly pieces inside, and why was it called 爱玉?

Erm, no more comments liao..

For some1 who really interested in visiting the places above i blogged, do leave me a contact, girls preferred.


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