Thursday, March 5, 2009

poor internet connection?!

if you have to copy and paste the conversations u typed due to the sending failure and then repaste it twice, lastly repaste it at the third time but still getting no reply from her..

that means:
  1. there was a damn lousy internet connection in her side..
  2. there was a damn poor internet connection in your side..
don't ever think that she is trying to ignore you without any reply cause..

she was innocent!

you think it's easy to sign in and then sign out purposely and repeatedly de meh?

no matter how, I TRUST U!

that's why i keep on copying n pasting the conversations~


倫@心 said...

My hse internet also got connection tat u saw me "sign in" n "sign out"....T-T...why u trust her dun trust me???

cheekeong said...

i think u should know the reason la..

because u r a boy but she is a girl lo..

Anonymous said...

heavy colour light fried!!!

cheekeong said...

heavy colour light fried or friend?!


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