Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday, i followed my parents to sunshine farlim.
It had been a long time i didn't accompany them for shopping.


It was a little bit bored cause there are nothing interesting there..
Commodities, shopper (aunties and uncles), a not well furnished cement floor, blar blar blar..

For the people who knew me well, they should realize that i must be doing something guai lan when i felt bored..
But not this time cause no one accompany me - 滨凌绝种的我

I barely managed to capture a few pics that i thought funny~

which 1 u prefer if the function of this two bottle of drinks actually are the same?

the commodities were arrange in order, i would think that if i am 1 of the commodities..

how much is the price for each of me?

After shopped for almost 45 minutes, we tried to run away from paying..
But 1 of the cashier blocked us..
My papa started to argue with him while my mama just standing behind my papa..
My mama's act was so touched because she just wanna be 爸爸背后的女人!

Where was i?

I was photographing my papa's action lo..

my mama refused to appear in my blog even though i pay her..

p/s: my deer gonna go back to her hometown on monday..
Leann Rimes - how do i live without you?

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