Friday, February 27, 2009

i'm apple red, how about u?

You Are Apple Red

You're never one to take life too seriously, and because of it, you're a ton of fun.

And although you have a great sense of humor, you are never superficial.

Deep and caring, you do like to get to the core of people - to understand them well.

However, any probing you do is light hearted and fun, sometimes causing people to misjudge you.

p/s: today was an excited day cause i dated two girls - szelynn and catherine~


~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

haha dated 2 girls pula!!! hahaha

szelynn said...

why are you so excited catherine

szelynn said...

btw i'm RUBY RED!!

"You are warm and inviting - yet a little wild and outrageous.
Well aware that you have a dual personality, you work it as much as you can!
You like for people to be comfortable around you, but not at the expense of you stealing the limelight.
Popular and well known, you make friends easily. You have your big personality to thank for that."

cheekeong said...

why were both of you too excited n then appeared in here?


~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

hahaah cuz keong said he dated 2 girls ma
he said he excited ma
so i must sound excited too:-p

cheekeong said...

thanks for your cooperation, catherine..

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