Wednesday, March 4, 2009

dating at starbuck again!

i dunno how many times edi we dated at starbuck..

dating by bringing a laptop along is so troublesome la..
can't do the things that couple used to do!

and what can i do was only surfing the net and blogging at starbuck lo!
damn sien la..

i have to go for dinner with her right now, bye~

3 more drinks to be ordered then i will be able to claim 1 more drink for free!


beekean @ mei juan said...

wei, why u keep on denied u hav gf??? every blogs u wrote jz let me keep on suspect u hav nia... dun try 2 keep secret fro us... our company stil concern our customer...ur every single step, attitude are under our supervision... ai hua also kena caught by us... hehe...

cheekeong said...

i didnt try to keep secret from u la..
i m still single but not available lo..
what i m saying was truth..

n pity on ai hua when he get caught.. but i wish him have a happy time la..


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