Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm just a rookie~

Yaya, i'm just a rookie in using SolidWorks.

I have been using the whole day just for drawing some parts of my SE P1i.
For those who are professional, they maybe finish 2 SE P1i already..

Yet, I can barely finish 3 faces only.

There are more complicated faces at the back, I'm gonna strive for it tomorrow.

Do enjoy this~

still in progress..

it's just a preview~


rongping.lo said...

OMG, you are talented, is such a waste if your current company don't want hire you

cheekeong said...

thanks wor..
but actually it's just a very rough work..
i'm sure those engineers are teasing me maybe..

wen pink said...

wow u r very good! i wish i know how to draw that too! can teach me ar? hehehe

cheekeong said...

i'm not yet qualified to teach anyone else..
if you're interested, u can just buy its reference book..
i also learned it from the book only..

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