Tuesday, March 24, 2009

blogging addition

i am working now..

but then i am still able to blog during my working hour.. hehe

just now when i read through claire's blog, i discovered the pic below..

81%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?do you dare to click the pic?

just out of curiosity, i sat for the exam, and my result was 81 marks!!

the mark was not that high if compared to other addictive bloggers.. but if there is a blogging subject in STPM, i can barely get an "A" now!
the ministry of education, can you do something in the future? lol~

what is 81 marks means?!

it is the mark that explained why u can see me blogging when i am working now lo~

BOSS is coming!!

See You~


szelynn said...

later kena fired ah~

cheekeong said...

kena mah kena lo!!
who cares?!

as long as i can blogging!!!

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