Tuesday, March 24, 2009


  • 早餐

1 bottle of boiled water + 1 softgel of dietary supplement as my breakfast
  • 午餐

1 bottle of chlorophyl added water + 1 plate of nasi goreng mamak as my lunch
  • 晚餐

1 bottle of filtrated water + 1 plate of sizzling kuey teow as my dinner

所有食物都可以在TESCO EXTRA SUNGAI DUA的food court里找到,有兴趣者请留下你们的电话号码,男女有拘,ladies FIRST!

p/s: 我爱槟城的食物,不过我超讨厌槟城的天气!


reanaclaire said...

hey, u working in penang or memang penang nang? i used to go pg quite often.. next time take me to mahendra restoran.haha.. posted a comment there..

cheekeong said...

i m still studying la..
just doing my partime there..

and i am a homegrown PENANGITE~

are u really interested in the MAHERAN restaurant?


PeteR said...

Hey, just found that ur breakfast de softgel is same with mine... lolz!

cheekeong said...

its cosway product la..
u r also a cosway member?

*+*+*pYyying*+*+* said...

ur breakfast just like that meh??
y eat so less??
haiz..kolian looo

PeteR said...

To Chee Keong:
hehe..my mum bought 1. She ask me to eat where FREE... =.= lolz

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