Wednesday, March 4, 2009

street fighter: the legend of chun-li


i didn't plan to watch it initially..
because of somebody, i watched it!!

the movie is like a piece of shit..
what a damn extraordinary story line!

what i expect was chun-li's extraordinary costume..
but i didn't notice it pun..

casual look only?!
meanwhile, do you notice there is a big mass at the back?

simply use a blue blouse to represent her as chun-li?!
my mama also like to wear in blue what..

actually, what i expect is a leading actor with a flamboyant costume, then she baru can be known as chun-li mah..

such as:

more cuter and sexier, right?

yeah, a waste of money again!


szelynn said...

that girl the last pic is not wearing anything underneathe?! zzz

cheekeong said...

i dunno de wor..
i was not purposely upload that pic 1..
ahong la..
he sent me 1 n then ask me to upload pula..

Chun said...

hahaha...lately keep using "someone" wo... hahaha... whos tis someone?

n tis movie in malaysia ar, damn...

cheekeong said...

this is a long long time ago de entry la..

meanwhile, what i want to say is this movie really wtf not interesting!

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