Sunday, January 4, 2009

happy 2009?

i'm back!

i had been offline for almost 1 week!
(not because of avoiding someone, it's because i stayed at home, no internet provided)

during the week, many things had happened.
sadness, happiness, cries, laughs, this and that surrounded me..

really many many things to be posted, but still dunno how to start..

the wounds haven't cured yet, but the life still has to goes on..

gambateh to myself!

and a very happy new year to everyone!


khanBLOGme said...

post it 1 by 1 lo~~
from sad to happy
from small to big
from left to right
from Umum to 18-sx

Happy new year too~

cheekeong said...

got anything just tell me directly la..
i am just not far from u nia..


szelynn said...

happy 2009 keong, sincerely =)

cheekeong said...

thank you lo..
sincerely =)


khanBLOGme said...

wtf la,重色轻友 :D

szelynn said...

sounded not sincere wahaha

cheekeong said...

to khan: i dont want talk to u liao!

to lynn: i wanna talk to u nia..


szelynn said...

talk what talk what?

cheekeong said...



c u~

szelynn said...


cheekeong said...

and i wanna be the cow!

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