Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My girlfriend?

(fill in the caption by yourself)

If i just put this pic without any further explanation, there are maybe 2 results gonna happen soon..
  1. my marital status will be affected
  2. her marital status will be affected
So, please give me a couple of time to explain it..

First of all, i have to introduce her la..
She is a girl, indeed..


She is 1 of my female friends (girlfriend?) who like camwhoring very much!

I think i already made a damn clear clarification about the picture above through this sentence, right?

Just now, we went to Oriental Club/Karaoke Lounge to have a singing session. We reached there earlier while waiting for PeyLing, YinLien and HuangWei "patiently" for almost 2 hours.

I tell you hor, it's not encouraged to order the Fish n Chip that provided by the Oriental Club.
Not because of not tasty, it's because of the Chip is not provided!
Furthermore, the Fish is so damn TINY, definitely it is unable to fit into my cowy stomachs!

Singing is really an enjoyable activity although it costs me lotsa bucks..
(Money only mah, finish it then baru earn it back lo - this is the sentence we used to hear but i haven't practice it yet..)

There is something special occurred during the singing session:
  1. My pitch run off a bit..
  2. Someone's pitch run off many bits..
  3. PeyLing had a gastric pain..
  4. I accidentally received lotsa weird pics from an unknown bluetooth device..
  5. I noticed that the bluetooth device is YenPing's handphone..
It has been a long time i didn't post in English edi..
I post it today not because of hiao hiao, it's just because of no reason, chui meh?

Also, for those who come in to my bloggie because of my post title, thank you because of your kepo..

Lastly, i have to accentuate here:
For those who love me deeply, if you feel that it's annoying to see me camwhore with girls, it means that..

you are jealous!

i will MUACKS you back later..


Zack said...

Don't worry, I will not jealous~ :P

rizal said...

I am not jealous either. Haha

Anyway, thanks for voting me at ImCurtain ya. Appreciate that!

Happy Blogging and have a great day everyday ya.


cheekeong said...

you all are lier!!
she is so damn pretty, i bet you all must be jealous!!

or else, why didn't congratulate us?!


Barack said...



cheekeong said...

it's raining at Malaysia now, jog your head la..

go and take care of your America 1st!

rongping.lo said...

Maybe I will jealous, but not this time.

cheekeong said...

haha, there must be got something behind your words..

btw, for sure i will be waiting for you eagerly at Penang..

remember our promise?

typ said...

oi... post my photo wothout my premission... i wan you to pay me the copyright fees.... wahaha.... us dollar 100000000000000000.00 wahaha....

cheekeong said...

you appear edi?
don't be shy la.. you are pretty mah..

also, you will be getting famous!!
a lot of paparazzi is coming soon..

ckeat said...

wah... actually i didnt know she was yen ping.. until i look at it clossely... haha
so fun u guys in penang... haha, i'm suffering in hk

cheekeong said...

what la..
i wish i can studying in University of HK also..

btw, we are waiting for you to come back la..

typ said...

i pengsan liao... jus a day...
already got few ppl mention abt this blog to me... wahaha...
so pls share some bonus with me... wahahaha.....

cheekeong said...

haha, i already told you last night..
so, you should be prepared with it la..

btw, i won't share 1 sen with you pun..
because both of us no count de mah..


typ said...

Did you told me last night??? why i don't know a???
hng.... 一杯豆水的代价。

cheekeong said...

40 cents..

typ said...

jus realized tht this post was 2 years ago.... wao... so fast....

you share it out is because 2 years anniversary?


cheekeong said...

yalo, 2 years jor..
we are still in same relationship..
should we feel happy?


cheekeong NG said...

finally we're now officially attached to each other..
i love her..

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