Friday, December 11, 2009

SE P1i is a cellphone

FYI, today is Friday.

You sure forget about it if I didn't remind you, right?

OK, back to the topic.
I bet you all must be so bored with those mechanical and technical drawings I've posted in my previous entries.

I'm here to apologize if there is any boredom i caused to you accidentally.

Once more, do forgive me..
Cause I'm gonna bore you all AGAIN right now!!!

Ya, SE P1i is not only a cellphone for communication purpose, yet it can be a model too.
*catwalking, please*

I've been spending the whole morning just to finish it, I hope you all can really heed it instead of ignore it.
Here are several views of the model, do enjoy its fascination.







Oh, there is a serious question i should lodge to you all 1st, do you all ever seen a SE P1i before?!
If not, please click THIS to figure it out.

More clearer already, right?
Then you all can simply notice that there are some parts I didn't draw it in detail such as the LED at the back, the scroll button, the numbers and qwerty on the keypad, some text and also the colour, right?

I'm just not yet professional to finish it or maybe I'm just LAZY.

One more thing is I'm just able to draw all the exterior parts..
I don't want to draw the interior part just because I dare not to dismantle my dear P1i..

as you can see, there is nothing inside the phone..
then how is it gonna function leh?

I'm lazy to colour the phone la, but I manage to do something that is more interesting than just colour it..
Changing the texture of the phone!

it's a rusty P1i..

if I don't mention to you all, some of them will think that I bring a brick with me..

compared to a brick, bringing a wood cellphone is more handy..

put this denim phone on a denim jeans la..
the situation is just like the chameleon can't be found in the hassock..

eco-friendly cellphone?
natural is the best!


this is simply too fantastic to own it..
cos I love sky blue~

Oya, this is the last post for my mechanical entry, i think.
Actually, I'm just too excited cause I used only 1 month to learn this software.
Although I haven't master it, yet I can generate it well sooner when it's needed.

That's all for today, have a nice weekend for those attached people.
Then how about those who are still single?

A good news to share, but not the money:


I've just received my paycheck from Nuffnang that I've been long-necking for 2 months~
The amount is just a secret but I can tell you that it's not exceeding RM 80k.


rongping.lo said...

WOW, you got the cheque!!
Claim from bank or they posted it to you?!

cheekeong said...

they delivered to me by ordinary mail..
i just collected it from my mailbox last night..

bavriel said...

how to earn money? i put nuffnang at my blog(S) for two damn years but still get no payment.

cheekeong said...

can't meh?

you can just start to cash out your money once your earnings reached RM50..

just refer to the terms and regulations stated there..

it really works..

wen pink said...

wahhhh grats grats!! got money from nuffnang liao! wuhoo!! i am so jealous! >.<

Tony Wan said...

LOL...I never use solid work LOL... Is it hard to learn?

Walao Cheque from NN? How much? xD

min said...

so far i havent been able to earn RM50 from nuffang. Perhaps, you could give some advice!

cheekeong said...

just a very small amount only la..

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