Monday, August 3, 2009

\(",)/ got tagged by Catherine \(",)/

It's happy to get tagged by girl again besides of SzeLynn - press her.

This time is Catherine - press her.
It's rare to see her mention about or remind of me, that's why i am so excited now!
Notice the icon -----> \(",)/ YEAH

As you mentioned, i will just do the tag because i love you to do so...

Part 1

Q01. 你的大名?
~Ng Chee Keong.

Q02. 你认为什么才算是真正幸福?

Q03. 你们觉得友情重要还是爱情重要,为什么?
~Both are equally important.

Q04. 你相信天长地久吗?

Q05. 你现在过得快乐吗?
~Barely OK, still demand for something that is impossible to own it.

Q06. 如果有秘密,你真的会做到坦白的告诉对方吗?
~There are only 4 close friends who have the priority to know my secret(s).

Q07. 喜欢小Baby吗?

Q08. 觉得友情是永远的吗?

Q09. 希望自己多大結婚?
~Not yet think about it.

Q10. 你会为他(她)做自己从来不会做的事情?
~Definitely! But I will have to consider about my safety 1st.

Q11. 你觉得女生卷发好还是直发好?

Q12. 最想去那里旅遊?
~Japan, there are lotsa girls to be searched.

Q13. 一辈子都不会忘记的事?
~1 X'mas night.

Q14. 如果爱一个人,是不是要拼命挽回他(她)?
~No, I never want to annoy her.

Q15. 看到天空你想起的第一个人是谁?
~Perhaps not a bird shit.

Q16. 你会愛他(她)一輩子吗?
~I will, but she wont know.

Q17. 喜欢你的人和你喜欢的人,你会选哪个?
~This is the good question! I have been facing this kinda circumstance but yet dunno how to choose.

Q18. 你会以什么方式表现你对他(她)的爱?
~Love her.

Q19. 如果看到自己最爱的人熟睡在你面前你会做什么?
~Just stare at her but don't dare to do anything to a fault.

Q20. 如果你想痛扁一個人,你希望那個人是?
~Anyone who fool me!

Q21. 你会后悔过自己的決定吗?
~No, look forward!

Q22. 现在最迷什么?
~Fitness First.

Q23. 你是好孩子吗?
~I think I was, but then up to you all to judge me later.

Q24. 觉得爱情和面包,哪个重要?
~Wuliao question.

Q25. 如果你失恋了,你会怎么样?
~Crying, perhaps.

Q26. 如果你的男朋友(女朋友)经常不回家的话,你会怎样?
~Doing nothing but just worrying.

Q27. 现在给你勇气,你最想做些什么事?
~As if i get the courage, will those impossible things that i not dare to do become possible later?

Part 2

Q01. 是谁传給你这份问卷的?
~Catherine Lim.

Q02. 你们认识有多久呢?
~Haha, actually i also dunno how to describe our "认识".

Q03. Catherine Lim对你來说重要吗?
~Erm, important for me to get closer with someone else, LOL.

Q04. 你与Catherine Lim的关系是?

Q05. 请问Catherine Lim的兴趣是?
~Always ranting in her blog, but that's why i love to read it.

Q06. 你觉得Catherine Lim的个性如何?
~A thoughtful girl, maybe?

Q07. 他(她)在你心目中是几分?
~Dunno how to mark her also, but during 1st date, i give her 90 marks, because she did talk to me instead of ignore me.
So, date me again and maybe i will just give you the 10 more marks, babe.

Q08. 睡觉前第一件事?开风扇?喝水?
~Lame question, must be closing our eyelid la!

Q09. 你的偶像?
~Raymond Lo Eng Ping - press him.

Q10. 你喜欢的季节?
~Winter, I wanna meet with Santa, perhaps his daughter too.

Q11. 你打工吗?
~Is it blogging count as a career?

Q12. 打工次数?
~4-5 times kua.

Q13. 你最害怕什么?
~蟑螂小强 was afraid of cockroaches. (especially the flying 1!)

Q14. 你讨厌什么样的个性?
~LanSiLanYong de people.

Q15. 你会抽烟吗?
~Say NO to smoking!

Q16. 你会喝酒吗?
~Please refer to my previous entry, thanks.

Q17. 你常哭吗?
~Haven't cry for ages.

Q18. 你常笑吗?
~A lot, with my smiling trade mark.

Q19. 你喜欢去哪玩?
~As long as it is safe.

Q20. 去玩時喜欢自己一个人去吗?
~Not really. But sometimes I also decided to go shopping alone.

Q21. 是假期日时你都睡到几点?
~At most 11am, the alarm inside my body will just ring automatically even though i didn't activate it.

Q22. 今天的天气是?

Q23. 你们知道最遠的距离是什么吗?
~Will it be the common phrase that used to be appeared in those Taiwan dramas?
Lousy la, it's just because he/she had suffered from an amnesia, k?!

Part 3

Q01. 我的BGM好听吗?
~BackGround Music hor? I didn't have it on my bloggie.

Q02. 你的皮包里有什么?
~Is it after I answer this question then my life will be getting better? LAME

Q03. 你生命中最重要的人是?
~Raymond Lo Eng Ping - press him again

Q04. 什么东西是你喜欢吃的呀?
~Lazy to list it out.

Q05. 现在有喜欢的人吗?

Q06. 你还喜欢他(她)嗎?
~Yes, indeed!

Q07. 你觉得我坏吗?
~I'm blurred with this question.


reanaclaire said...

just to come to wish u Good Morning and hope u have a nice week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Wow, i got mentioned by you twice leH. HOhohoHO

cheekeong said...

to reanaclaire:
good afternoon instead of good morning to u too~

to anonymous:
i love you, Raymond Lo Eng Ping!

szelynn said...

do you love me??

cheekeong said...

to szelynn:
i love "U"!

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

hahahahahhahahahahahahhaah thanks chee keong lynn ah dont wanna do it hahahaha

cheekeong said...

need to hahahahahahahahaha for that much meh?

you're welcome la..

as i mentioned, i love to do so..

and ask szelynn to do la..

szelynn said...

hahahahhahahahhahahaaa two of us always like this one you have to bear with us okay hahahhahaahaha i dont wanna do cos it's not fun all lame questionsssssss
see la i might do it when i'm bored

cheekeong said...


i think i also get infected with the "HA" virus edi..

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

next time i create one by myself. very interesting question ! hahahahaha
oh I love to hahahahah

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