Sunday, May 23, 2010

haha, i was so nooby..

My lovely parents are coming to KL to meet their lovely son, me.

It's a remedy to cure my homesick and stress in time.

They are planning to stay at XXX Hotel, somewhere in KL.
I have to meet up with them later, but I'm not so familiar with the area there.
So, i've tried to look out the address via google maps.

Here is the result:

dare to click it?

I really appreciate the founders of google, they helped me a lot, i can marry myself to their daughter as a payback later.

wtf, it takes such a lengthy time from sunway to sungei wang meh?!

But then, I've noticed that I did a really silly stuff just now..


I select the wrong way la..

But hor, It's ok for me to walk 1, if i'm free later..
I swear!


Zack said...

Gd lo~ My parents nvr visit me pun >.<

cheekeong said...

u pay the flight for them la..

sindy said...


cheekeong said...

i'm stupid mah..

rongping.lo said...

come visit me

cheekeong said...


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