Friday, January 9, 2009


this is an entry that contain only photographs with a few descriptions..

because all of the events have already passed for a long long time..
but i had just managed to receive the photographs few days ago..

and i got no ohm to describe it in detail anymore..

there were two events:

1. The bbq party that held by Khai Li on the last day of my exam

from left to right: Kelly, Zack, PeyLing, Raymond, ShuRong, Ricky, Desmond, Me, Hong, SzeLynn and JunWei

From left to right: (please fill in the blank yourself!)

i was adjusting my spec la..

Desmond was trying to "kuci" me..

he managed to "kuci" me..

i scolded him then he cried and swore wont do that anymore..

but this time, Hong did the same thing to me while JunWei was pushed by someone..

i managed to drag Hong beside me, so Hong was the next victim now..

fortunately, we managed to pose nicely..

2. The installation night held by SWCRR (Student Welfare Council Rifle Range) on 28/12/2008

the most exciting moment was when i heard "u all may have your meal now!"

some of them said that i looked alike with Dino Teoh (chairman of the installation)
but i strongly felt that he was prettier than me..

and Ricky said he don't want to be captured with us, but now.. some more posing tim..

i felt gay in front of the gay couple~

Ricky still haven't realized how danger he was.. hehe

3, 2, 1 ACTION!!

rapers or rapists?

Ricky still wanna take photo after being raped, meanwhile Keet cut in suddenly..
he should realize what's gonna happened later..


after being raped twice, he still managed to smile?!

cream was the most fiercest weapon on earth~

there was 1 chindian between us, hope u all can figure him out..

we were both far-sighted men!

also, we were both short sighted men..

another short sighted man wanna join us, his cut in style was always unexpectable!


acting cool or acting nerd?

let's photo hunt! u will get paid if u can find out my beloved..

after a long paragrph of crappy photographs, there are several conclusions that can be made:
  • the pictures were blur due to the reason of:
  1. the cheap quality of the camera?!
  2. the cheap skill of the photographer?!
  3. or the cheap motion of the protagonist?!
  • there were too many faces/feaces that hard to be remembered..
  • i have only 1 formal shirt inside my wardrobe
at last but not a least, treat u all with the most flamboyant eye catcher!

give a round applause to him!


szelynn said...

long-sighted instead of far-sighted my dear. hehe
and hey the chairman looks good wor can introduce him to me? or introduce me to him la hahahaha
the first photo of the installation night the girl on the far left was it shurong? she looked really different! pretty!

cheekeong said...


far sighted also the same meaning la.. i had checked dictionary 1!

and if u really like the chairman, i send u his msn later..
cos he is still single and available..
and the most important thing is he was born at 1990..

and shurong was so pretty that night cos that day was her bday!
so, she purposely wear pretty and straightening her hair..

p/s: i like girl with a long n straight hair..

szelynn said...

o hahahaha okok far sighted far sighted.. hehehe

what? he's the same age as me?! hahahah then don want la cause i like older guys! hahaha

cheekeong said...

if u really wanna get coupled now, i will introduce all of my course de ideal life partner for u..

but if u dont want, then diam diam la..


but for sure u will find yours 1 someday..

szelynn said...

i want who say i dont want?! hahahaha
but i got a lot of requirement one wor!!!


oh ya btw do you think i look good with my hair curled? plan to curl it someday hahahaha but i will look old =(

cheekeong said...


i like this name..

no matter whats the new look, u sure be pretty as usual la..

but i prefer u in straight hair lo..
*jz my opinion la*
u shud ask for more professional advises..

Zack said...

walau... these pics are really snapped in long long time ago...

cheekeong said...

yaya, these are all the old photos..
and it was an old entry too..

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