Sunday, January 25, 2009

cold jokes

actually, the social aspect class on Thursday was not that interesting la..

but luckily, Dr. Rahmat was so responsible to keep on preventing us to be fallen in sleep.

there are several cold jokes/funny thoughts that had been mentioned in the class:
  • why was the golf known as a high-so (high society) sports meanwhile football was known as low-so stuff?
i like to play football very much, that means i am very cheap?!
  • sex/gender
normally, there will be a blank space for you to fill in your sex whenever u fill up a form.
but now, they had changed it to the word gender instead of sex..
because somebody didn't write the suitable answer like "male or female", but "haven't yet, twice a day, etc.."
  • i really can't understand why Malaysian can't understand Malay?!
we had been assigned to do the household interview at certain area lately, our approaches were always get rejected with this kind of lousy excuse, damn bored!

i think we got the right to scold them, right?
  • water filter

Promoter: is the water from the tap of your house clean enough?

Rahmat: how do i know, i am not professional at all in this kind of knowledge! or u lend me some instruments to measure it la..

Promoter: actually the water provision of government was not clean enough, so i recommend you to setup a XXX brand water filter to assure your healthy.

Rahmat: then u should not introduce the filter to me now! what u gonna do is go back and talk to your boss, ask him to make a huge water filter and then replace the water tank with the huge water filter, then everyone mah got the chance to stay healthy lo..

Promoter: ...
  • replacement of class will be held during CNY
for sure, there will be no Chinese attend for the class later...

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