Sunday, April 18, 2010

have you seen such a long and slim photo before?

Here you go~

yes, if you're clever enough..
you should know what is this picture after you click to enlarge it..
so, are you?

Yes, i did it by using an extension provided by google chrome.
I like google chrome very much, also some of its extension.

This extension is called Webpage Screenshot.

Lastime nooby de me have to press the print screen button on the keyboard, then paste it on the paint application, and then crop it into appropiate size, lastly click the save, to have a proper screenshot.

By now, just one click, designers can choose to resize the window before capturing.
Also, i can even snap a screenshot of the whole webpage i like, with just a click.

So sorry if i'm actually a bit outdated to share this cause i just notice it today.
Feel happy to install it, but one thing you have to assure before you install it is:

You must have a google chorme web browser 1st!


the quote is funny with the logo too..
but what i concerned the most was the spelling..




YiNg said...

wawa~ i prefer the long long photo than the tshirt with grama o perhaps spelling mistake. hee hee~

cheekeong said...

haha, thank you for always be the pioneer by leaving comment here..

i will give u d shirt as for present..

or u want a kiss?


YiNg said...

can i just get the money to buy the tshirt?? or the money to get ur..kiss?

cheekeong said...

u cant..
cos it's priceless!

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