Sunday, May 9, 2010

working sunday

I've been telling all of you that i was so busy lately..

So, bye bye..

I've to go working now..

Ohya, for those who like to concern me and feel free all the time, please ring me often.
I'm having some personnel problems in my current working place, and i would like to nag!

I was being accused for working lazily most of the working times, by a senior technician, but i've to deny it. Precisely it was a crap!
Luckily, there are other staffs who believe in my working performance and attitude, and did support me.

I'm not gonna quarrel with him, yet i'm not fed up.
Just curious why he could be so free and made so much complaints meanwhile there are lotsa stuffs need to be settled?

Come on, just give me a break!

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