Monday, November 16, 2009

T.G.I. Friday!


Sorry, this post is actually got nothing related to the TGI Friday's Bar, you've been conned to follow my blog.

What i'm gonna blog about is..

still my mechanical plus boring working life on last Friday!!

At morning, i was yawning while moaning about my farking dull working life..

The god seemed like has received my complaints, so he threw me a disc and tried to give me a hint..
I was wondering will it be a porny video or the self camwhoring pictures of him and his bitches?

no more thick paper report with plenty pages anymore, yeah~
but it's a report in pdf file with plenty pages ALSO!!

I swore to myself that i will stay focus and no more fishing in front of the PC that much..
Oh ya, luckily i woke up at my lunch time, phew~

speed to the canteen like a panther just to buy this!!
and the drink is totally FOC as long as you queue up properly..

I'm full.
I'm sleepy.

After receiving the motivation from my girl(s), i can barely sweep away my sleepiness..

So, it's solidworks session again~

I drew a rachet this time.
Erm, what is rachet?
It's a thing that used to be appeared in a machine lo, go and google it if you like.

it's kinda cool when u try to read this sentence:
Rachel is drawing a rachet.

rachet in naked mode~
if possible, i prefer to see rachel in naked mode lo..

Those pictures below are simply the close-ups for rachel's rachet's body part:






wheel hole

rachet hole
but not rachel's hole!!

Hey, why my watch still showing 2pm?!

ARGH, i wanna go home now, i'm bored!!!

Suddenly, my colleague came and asked me why i'm still sitting here?

OMG, now i realized my watch stopped at 2pm!

I fast fast packed all my stuffs, fast fast went to the toilet, and fast fast ran to the motor park, but slow slow drove back to home because..


Oh ya, why the title was T.G.I. Friday?

Because, thank god it's FRIDAY!!

p/s: gonna attend the dating with my girlssssssss at night~


rongping.lo said...

I am more interested in what happening at night. Please quickly update it.
Did you lost your virginity?

cheekeong said...

haha, ntg special to be blogged about the night event..

i wanna lost my virginity but she don't want to grab mine 1..

JS said... fast go n change a new watch bah...haha...later miss ur dates somemore...haha

cheekeong said...

haha, no need change a new watch la..
change battery enough edi..

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