Saturday, November 21, 2009

i have too many moodies

I feel like wanna kill somebody, yet I can't.

I feel like wanna love somebody, yet I can't.

I feel like wanna  lazy on my bed, yet I can't.

I feel like wanna have more times to be spent, yet I can't.

I feel like wanna stop blogging, yet I can't.

Those feelings came to me when i wake up early in the morning.

A lot of bad news, disappointments, boredom were queuing up nicely to treat me badly.

No doubt, those moodies are not yet harmful to me..
Anyway, I'm still alive.

There is a fellow proved that every optimistic people will also have the pessimistic side too.

So am I!


rongping.lo said...

Babe, now I can only support you spiritually, BUT, wait me, 8 more months, I will support you physically!!

Nothing really matter in this life as long you still alive and you have a goal to pursue for. If anything turn worse, you can always choose to throw all the things that you think is blocking you from approaching your goal.

so, in the end, nothing really matter.


cheekeong said...

i miss you badly now!

i really want you to be my side, cause you're the only 1 who know me well..

and you're the only 1 i yell at you with all my moody stuffs, yet you listen to me sincerely..

anyway, it's just a waste we can't give birth to a baby..

but we can adopt some later..

rongping.lo said...

Sorry, I will only have baby with OPL.

cheekeong said...

oh, wish you two will stay happiness forever~

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