Sunday, December 7, 2008

the activities i do after surpassing the hectic exam period!

activity 1



(有专人/佣人服侍,而且还劳烦凯妈故意跑去超市再帮我们进货,也亲自端饮品给我们, 真是太和蔼可亲了,谢谢!)


as usual, there must be something can eat lied on the stove..

barack was wondering where was his cooked sausage?

zack was tittering cause he knew that the sausage was inside his stomach, and ricky also the 1 who knew the truth...


szelynn is always pretty~


activity 2

After the happy hour, i had been readied for my partime job (watlao eh, i had just started my holiday after exam week nia but had to start working liao?!) because my aunt - kathy ng had just opened a company at the Sungai Dua area nearby my university/hostel. She did ask me to work as a manager/shopkeeper/sale-assitant/storehand with my handsome youngest brother and cutest cousin.

The address was stated as below, please feel free to visit there or just simply wanna take a glance on me..

Lot 7B, Ground Floor,
Tesco Extra Sungai Dua,
No 675 Jlan Sngai Dua,
11700 Gelugor, Penang, Malaysia.

The company open from 10am-10pm daily, so i woke up at the very early morning for the sake of making up myself. (i need almost 3 hours so that i baru can feel that little little self confidence of myself)

Start working lu..

my aunt served the troublesome client with a good manner...

my aunt was inspecting our performance, and i think i got 99 marks that day~

my aunt told me the only 1 mark she deducted was the failure of my make up!

after rated me, she want me to help her promote her company in my blog, and she promised me to give me the another 1 mark later...

the most happiest thing in my working life is..
chicken curry with no chickens inside, cause the chickens was jumping out and then had been fried!

from the slogan “吃喝玩乐”, u all should realized that 吃 is my main priority!

remember this logo, thanks!


szelynn said...

dont always secretly take pictures of me k?
let me pose good good first okok?

cheekeong said...

haha, discovered by u tim..
i afraid u reject me later mah..
then mah sia sui lo..

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