Monday, December 22, 2008


I was staying at Rong Bing’s house last night because of some private stuffs. (18-PL)

Then after I woke up early at 9am morning, I decided to accompany him by hugging him tightly until 11am..

After having our brunch that prepared by his kindly mama (Thanks a lot, K-mama), I was going back to his bedroom for the sake of hunting mouse in his facebook. Then, I started to pack my laptop while he was busy with looking after his grandpa. (His grandpa was having the inconvenience in motion, so most of the time he just sit on his wheelchair)

All of a sudden, I heard a high-pitched scream (I think it was his mama’s yell) and also ah ping’s uncomfortable scream from the downstairs.

At first, I thought ah ping was scolding his maid, but when I saw his sister also ran down rapidly into the kitchen and then I realized that there must be something serious happened there.

So, I also speed to the kitchen, then I saw..

A bunch of naked bodies?!

No la..

Bloods all over the floor and i noticed that his grandpa’s forehead was bleeding!

Many fresh bloods flowed out just like a stream, suddenly I remembered a song like ‘row row row your boat, gently down the stream..’

Then, I saw his mama keep on mumbling that ‘it was our negligence..’ while pressing his wound with a towel and bandaged his forehead.
Her sound was a little bit sorrowful, I felt pity on her..

Meanwhile, ah ping was keep on talking to his grandpa so that he is in conscious mode. Luckily his grandpa still managed to talk as usual although the wound still in bleeding.
I think that he must be so painful right now!

His sister, his maid and I were helping to wipe away the bloods on the floor and grandpa’s body. We were holding grandpa tightly in case he fall down again. We were helping him changing his clothes while waiting for the ambulance.

But, the operator told us that the ambulance was out for other emergency! (wtf?! there is only 1 ambulance meh?!)
Without dragging any moment, ah ping decided to fetch grandpa by his own car. Ah ping and I were helping his grandpa up and moving him into the car, (his grandpa really heavy lo, almost one and a half heavier than me!)
Also, his mama was following us.

I was shocked before we start the engine, because his grandpa made something unusual. Grandpa keep on mumbling with a word “cut, cut ,cut..” but I dunno what’s it meant.
Then I called ah ping come forward cause I afraid that grandpa was starting talking nonsense. But after ah ping came, he realized that his grandpa’s was actually asking us remember to take the medic card.. (lol)

After we reached Penang Island Hospital, we moved grandpa directly into emergency room. The nurses were really professional, keep on talking, joking and caring on grandpa.
One of them is Indian but she knew how to speak hokkien fluently leh.
They were so friendly, next time if possible, I also wanna be tended by them. (choi!)

Due to some reason, ah ping and I had to leave the hospital earlier, so we have to leave his mama alone. (Sorry for cant accompany u, K-mama)
Mama didn’t blame me at all some more thanked me for the aid.
Then I tell her “don’t worried too much, grandpa will be ok soon” (this dialogue I learned from the Hong Kong drama)

On the way back, ah ping baru told me the whole happening:

At first, ah ping and his mama were moving grandpa onto a stool after his grandpa finished shitting.
They planned to clean his bottom and waiting for their maid to pour away the faeces.

Unfortunately, ah ping and mama didn’t realized that grandpa’s couldn’t sit properly already, and grandpa start to lean unnoticeable while yelling ‘argh.. argh..’ before he was falling.
When ah ping and mama realized that, it was too late already.

Grandpa's forehead hit on the floor, due to the friction between his forehead and the floor, grandpa's wrinkled skin had been torn and started to bleed.

The picture below can show how worst was the circumstance.

After I discerned this incident, I realized that the life of an aged person is really short, we must pay more attentions on them since they are still in this world!
So, I wanna accentuate that:

I love u, my grandpa!

For sure u will be able to attend my graduation convocation (sooner, on Aug 2009), attend my wedding (if I can get my darlynn), play with your grandchildren (1 dozen enough?) and the most important is all of us stay healthy, right?

remember to stay healthy!


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