Tuesday, December 1, 2009

free like heaven

I'm free like heaven while many working people are busy like hell there, i bet.

I got nothing much to do.
Nothing much i can do.
I do nothing now.
Nothing need to be done by me.
I'm nothing, but you're my everything.

Those are the sentences I wrote while flirting chatting on msn.

I've visited quite a lot of times to the toilet or operating site, meaninglessly, just to keep myself away from my boss' sight.

If my boss knows that he was paying me salary for the sake of flirting girls through msn, sure he willl kill me.

Toilet, mirror, camera, nobody, boring...

All these words will link us to a certain activity called..


1st attempt is a bit failed..

I wanna do a better 1, but the boss' footstep is closer and closer already..
So, my camwhoring session ends like this lo.

During the way back to my seat, I was thinking that:

Will my boss camwhore himself inside the toilet also?


rongping.lo said...

I think he did

cheekeong said...

i think so but i dare not to ask..

Huiying said...

LOL! good thought bro! XD

cheekeong said...

haha, who said boss cannot camwhore himself 1?

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