Wednesday, April 1, 2009


i was stayed at home for almost 1 week liao!!

my home is so damn bored lo cause there is no internet connection, no playstation/xbox/wii, no gym room, no swimming pool and totally no fun at all!

the reason why i choose to stay at there because i don't need to spend one cent pun!! HOHO
my adorable parents will cover every of my expenses. (they are so sayang at me lo~)


i didn't update my blog for almost 1 week but i do keep on viewing others' update in certain WIFI area by using my lovely sonyericsson P1i.

i was back to my hostel that got internet connection again and then i keep on viewing others' update since yesterday.

then the desire of blogging had pushed me to post as many entry as i can from now onwards as an expiation to all my followers. LOL

but what should i blog leh?
no big event, no special frame of mind to share, nothing to tell pun..

so, i just simply upload some pics that i captured last week when i was playing with the baby (my mum was a part time babysitter beside of being a full time a housewife)

he looked damn cute when riding on the pony~

this is the naivest smile that i ever seen : )

he was wondering what am i doing when i focused at him with my camera. LOL



Sean said...

Ah Keong,

So nice at home..I also wan!!!

Enjoy it la even though there's no internet, u'll sure 2b able 2 find something 2 do. Final sem d wei...Ur uni life is gonna be over soon, ennjoy it while u can;P

Li HSien

cheekeong said...


home always to be the warmest place for every1..

but really boring at home la..

btw, i will be stuck at home soon..

cos next week will be my study week liao..

should i hooray?!

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