Thursday, April 9, 2009

Get tagged for the very 1st time~

This is called 50 first reactions... Type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think already and go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it!

1) Beer : I know Shandy nia..

2) Food : I live for food! Penang Boleh!

3) Relationships : Used to get rejected…

4) Crush : Accident? Car crushed?

5) Power Rangers : The monster will grow up everytime they get beaten for the first time, and then the Power Rangers will get into their own vehicle, and then all the vehicles will combine together later, and then for sure they will vaporize the monster~

6) Life : Live for today!

7) The President : Blackie now!

8) Yummy : PENANG delicacy

9) Cars : Kancil is enough for me…

10) Movie : Wednesday cheaper!

11) Halloween : Makeup kao kao~

12) Sex : Didn't have any experience yet… A little bit shy later when the day comes…

13) Religion : Pray more get more blesses…

14) Hate : Hate to be fooled!!! Hate to be cheated!!! Hate small flying insects, especially cockroach!

15) Fear : Fear to be single until old…

16) Marriage : I want to have a healthy family with a wife (I swear 1 is enough liao)and a pair of twins(1 boy, 1 girl preferred). Come and grab the registration form from me now!

17) Blondes : Not suitable for me...

18) Slippers : I like the flapping sound~

19) Shoes : Adidas. Why must 3 stripes leh?

20) Asians : Yellow skin! I'm proud to be 1 of them~

21) Pass time : Must be thinking of her, REALLY!

22) One night stand : Haven't try it before… But do I have the qualification to ask for it?!

23) My cell phone : SE P1i. I love palm phone! I love to touch screen and somewhere else…

24) Smoke : I really hate smokers! They create air pollution! They create second hand smokers! They create victims!!!

25) Fantasy : I wanna be artist who earn a lot of money! If can't earn a lot of money, I don't want…

26) College : Tortured for 3 years edi… But almost graduate liao… YOYO

27) High school life : If possible, I wanna back to the future again!!

28) Pajamas : Sexy boxers.

29) Stars : Uncountable noun.

30) Center : Navel! LOL

31) Alcohol : Drug.

32) The word love : Eager to find a true love!

33) Friends : Those who treat me sincere.

34) Money : Everything!

35) Heartache : Find a specialist right now!

36) Time : 24 hours insufficient la!

37) Divorce : Damn it! It will bring a lot of family problems later…

38) Dogs : Their peeing style damn funny~

39) Undies : Sometimes didn't wear it. Freedom is the best!

40) Parents : They produced me. I respect every mother in the world due to the painful giving birth process.

41) Babies : Have to cry loudly for the very first time when they reach to this world.

42) Ex : Fooled by her…

43) Song : Arsenal's player that had same birthday with me.. 9/9

44) Color : She likes BLUE.

45) Weddings : 9/9/2009 is the best date, meanwhile it's my birthday too! The wedding anniversary can be done simultaneously with my birthday party later… Economical~

46) Pizza : I always refill my mushroom soup for the 2nd time!

47) Hangout : Still remember my 1st time hang out with her… Buying books? LOL

48) Rest : For a longer journey~

49) Goal : 'Goals' instead of 'goal' because it's hard for me to score only 1 goal in the football field!

50) Inspiration : 'lynn' gan~

Should I tag someone?
I think I simply tag the entire human in my blog roll la!

If you are happy to get tagged, just copy and paste it in your own answer in your next post later..


Chun said...

lol...its like ure answer is more bout "her" den ureself...

cheekeong said...

how u notice it!?
cos she was the 1 who tagged me mah..

anyway, u are tagged also!
feel free to do the tag~

Chun said...

hahaha...aight will do it rite away...since im bored

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