Sunday, November 30, 2008


Finally, i finished my exam~

But i still remember that what has happened during my study week/exam week..

Everyday i read, revise, read, revise and then keep on repeating the same stuffy thing until the books also feel annoyed to see me anymore..
I will be more happier if u ask me to read and revise ‘she’ repeatedly..

One day, I was still repeating that tedious stuff, ‘tu..tu..’, I had received a message from my dear (this time not lynn la..), the content is shown below:

it's a simple but meaningful message

My dear asked me out for a healthy dating wor..
I wanna reject him but when I stare at my flabby belly, i know i'm gonna do something..

i was not trained for the belly dance!

After finished make up myself, I went and fetched him by my PDG 2375, it was a long journey that took me about 5 minutes!

treasure hunt!

All the details I displayed was real, and all the kidnappers are welcome!
Before he get kidnapped, we were managed to reach the Penang Botanical Garden and yet to take a photograph.
But he didn’t want to be captured with me la.. (I wonder why she also did the same thing to me too..)

see? his round round face had told you all that why we wanna run..

Then, what else?

RUN la..

On the way, you all guess what I discovered?

A Godzilla?

he is wondering when will his darlynn married him..

A bunch of eye catchers?

white shirt + water = ...

There is nothing special but I found a hidden lotus pond when we jogged into an alley way..

the scene really harmony till you really forget what's your surname..

It was just like a fairyland, I can feel the green..

The brown..

The blue..


(Please refer to ICI color diagram)

Also, i saw..

the women will conquer the football field soon..

are they replacement of Lee Chong Wei?

the sexy pose was the main factor of the boost of her income..

One and a half hour had passed, sweats and exhausted are the only two words in my mind.

Eh! Fruit seller, Mrs. A (I dunno her name, everytime I called her auntie nia, maybe she also called lynn?), can u give me this, this and this?

I love u the most, starfruit, just like how much i love her!

camwhoring with my dear starfruit~

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